Phoenixes are giant, burning, birds that are said to have the power to control fire in any way they please. On Infinus, there is only one phoenix left. His name is Prometheus. When a phoenix dies, it turns into a stone statue. Its eyes, which are also stone, get thrown to the opposite ends of the planet. When the eyes are returned to the statue the phoenix is reborn into its new self, which has a life span of exactly 150 years.

Original 8 PhoenixesEdit









Later GenerationsEdit





The Creation of the PhoenixesEdit

Sirval, Royal Wizard of the Imperialis Ortus, was extremely interested in Blood Gems. One day, he expiramented with flame blood gems. He made these using crushed Magma Crystals from Mt. Epethemeus. He made the sacrifice many times by himself until he eventually passed out from blood loss. After this, he realized he could not continue to sacrifice his blood to make the enchantment. He decided to take 8 birds from the falconers quarters and use their blood to make the Blood Gem Sacrifice. This angered the guardian spirit of Mt. Epethemeus. Using the flame from the kettle, the spirit enveloped the entire room in flames. When Sirval awoke, he immediately ran outside. There he saw eight flaming birds perched on the roof. The Falconer, just arriving to take back his prized birds, gasped as he realized what these figures were. He explained to Sirval that these birds were a rare species that had one of 10 eye colors. From left to right, the birds had eyes colored bright white, blue, black, bright green, purple, dark green, red, and gray. As soon as Sirval raised his hand to cast his black magic, the phoenixes flew off over Mt. Epethemeus. Sirval was then arrested for stealing and was executed for his dangerous expiramenting. Later, The Falconer recorded this for the Emperor